Kitty Gill has been writing pop songs for more than 25 years. In 1987, she was designated by the Songwriters Guild of America to receive the Songwriters Hall of Fame's Abe Olman Scholarship for excellence in songwriting.

Kitty was featured in the first New Writers Showcase sponsored by the Songwriters Hall of Fame in November 1990. As a result of her performance, the music and lyrics to one of her songs were printed in Sheet Music magazine with the publisher predicting that Kitty "would become a name many will be discovering for years to come."

She went on to do voiceovers & jingles for the renowned ad agency Backer Spielvogel Bates, through which she was featured on three national commercial campaigns.

While continuing to write pop songs, Kitty began composing songs for the children's music market and had two of her songs recorded by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, at which time they were the stars of the hit ABC-TV program, Full House. She also produced and released the award-winning Secret Door, a full-length album of children's music featuring Pixie Sage, a good-natured but somewhat clumsy imaginary character. More information about Kitty's success in the field of children's music can be found at her website --

Songwriting will always be one of the primary ways through which Kitty Gill gives her spirit creative expression. And now she is re-entering the world of pop music, presenting her beautiful songs -- old & new -- to music publishers & other industry professionals.

To hear Kitty Gill's songs & samples of her voiceover work, please click here.

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Telephone: 516-902-9280


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